Call For Papers

We welcome any related topics in the following two categories of domains or applications:
  • Recommendation of financial products and/or services, such as loans, insurance plans, pension plans, real estate, funds and stocks, investment, micro-finance, etc. This includes related aspects, such as explanations, ethical aspects, multi-stakeholder fairness, and awareness and sustainability.
  • Broadly speaking, we also welcome submissions related to more general industry perspectives (not limited to the financial industries), such as the joint optimizations between recommendation relevance and the profits, business strategies, the balance between costs and gains, the view from different stakeholders in the industries. For example, the topic of joint optimization between profits and relevance in any domains (e.g., movies, music, etc) would also be relevant for our workshop. The topic of considering budgets as inputs in the hotel recommendation models may still be relevant as the submissions.

The topics of interest can be list as follows (but not limited to):
  • Recommendation opportunities
    • Financial management
    • Portfolio optimization
    • Investment
    • Insurance
    • Relevance, Cost & Profits
    • Loan and lending
    • Micro-finance
  • Research problems in FinTech RecSys
    • Recommender systems in Big Data in finance
    • FinTech AI enhanced RecSys
    • Similarity, novelty and diversity
    • Customer segmentation for RecSys
    • Loan recommendation
    • Multi objective FinTech RecSys
    • Multi stakeholder RecSys
    • Metrics and evaluations
  • Recommender Systems
    • Traditional Recommender Systems (Collaborative filtering, content-based, hybrid, etc)
    • Context-aware Recommender Systems
    • Multi-Criteria Recommender Systems
    • Group Recommender Systems
    • Cross-Domain Recommender Systems
    • Multi-Stakeholder Recommender Systems
    • Multi-Task Recommender Systems
  • User Modeling and Interfaces
    • Preference detection
    • Portfolio management
    • New Interface or Visualizations
    • Explanation of recommendations
    • Decision Biases
    • Privacy and risks
    • FAT (fairness, accountability, and transparency)

Submission Instructions

We welcome original, unpublished work in the form of paper submissions via EasyChair. Papers will be reviewed in a double-blind mode and must be formatted in single column format according to the guidelines in the ACM RecSys 2022 call for papers (template available from ACM).

You can also use the template by the following list (we strongly recommend the usage of LaTeX for the camera-ready papers to minimize the extent of reformatting):
  • LaTeX (use \documentclass[manuscript,review,anonymous]{acmart} in the sample-authordraft.tex file for single-column)
  • Overleaf (use \documentclass[manuscript,review,anonymous]{acmart} for single-column)
  • MS Word (we strongly recommend the usage of LaTeX for the camera-ready papers to minimize the extent of reformatting)

We accept both long and short papers:
  • Full and Long Papers: Papers must not exceed 14 pages (excluding references), and should report research at a mature stage.
  • Short or Position Papers: We also welcome the submission of preliminary results of ongoing research in the form of shorter papers, or position papers which discuss promising appliictions, approaches, visions on FinRec. These papers should be submitted with a maximum length of 8 pages, (excluding references).

Publications: The proceedings will be available as a dedicated volume in an open repository (e.g. CEUR-WS or PMLR).

Important Dates

All deadlines below are at 11:59 PM AoE.
  • Submission deadline: August 5, 2022
  • Acceptance notification: August 27, 2022
  • Camera-ready paper deadline: September 10, 2022
  • Workshop date: TBA, September 18-23, 2022

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